Forensic Genealogy

“The Moffat Road, Continental Summit, Denver, Colorado,” [1904-1913]. Image Courtesy of the Denver Public Library – Western History and Genealogy Department – Digital Collections Catalogue, Call Number: MCC-1617, Title: “The Continental summit, Denver, Northwestern & Pacific Ry., the Moffat Road”, photograph from glass plate, Creator: Louis Charles McClure, 1867-1957WH2300. Louis Charles McClure papers, 1898-1943, Image File: ZZR700071617, CONTENTdm number: 3473, (

What is it?

Forensic genealogy is simply the application of genealogical methods toward legal matters. Some examples include cases involving estate probates or heirships, land transactions, dual citizenship applications, crime, repatriation of remains, identifying unclaimed remains and many more. Reports are usually much briefer and contain less historical and cultural context unless it is crucial to the outcome.


How much does it cost?

Forensic genealogy is conducted for an hourly fee plus any additional fees incurred for supplies, travel or incidentals. For more information on Services and Fees, click here to see a sample Client Contract Package.


Types of Projects

      1. Heir-search assistance
      2. Real estate assistance
        1. Ghost Roads
        2. The Old Boarding House
      3. Natural Resource and Mineral Rights
      4. Probate assistance
      5. Non-parental situations