New Genealogy TV – Footnote Series – Using Prison Records as Genealogical Resources

Newest Genealogy TV – Footnotes Series interview featuring Christine Cochran

YouTube TV is surpassing the number of viewers on traditional television stations and the genealogy industry is not about to be left behind!
Connie Knox is producing the new Genealogy TV – Footnotes Series.

Professional genealogist Christine Cochran filmed an episode on the use of prison records to mine genealogical records! A fascinating case study featuring Anton Woode, the youngest person to be incarcerated in the Canyon City Federal Penitentiary

See the plethora of genealogical data you can mine from prison records at:

!!! New !!! Genealogy TV – Footnotes Series – Using Prison Records

And if you didn’t catch the first interview Christine did on the Southern Claims Commission, just scroll to the bottom of the page in the URL above to see that also.

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